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08/02: Posted note on abandoned home.

08/18: 8884561061

08/24: When your house is in foreclosure, the mortgage company sends them to see if property is vacant. They can break in and change the locks on the property.

04/23: referred by Lamar & Assoc.

06/11: left note on door

03/01: Number posted on door by MCS Property management. Declared our house "vacant" and threatened to change locks on behalf of Chase Bank who foreclosed on the PRIOR owner 6 years ago! We have owned the house for 4 years!

  04/29: It was on a sign of the door of a recently deceased homeowner.

  07/04: You would need either an eticlrec strike or a maglock installed along with a power supply and a momentary switch of some type. This type of work is best left up to Locksmiths and others who work on access control as it is usually cheaper to get it done right the first time than to call them in to fix it after the fact. Another plus is you should get a job that looks good and works.

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