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02/20: The number represents They are drafting peoples money from their checking account in the amount of $30.00.

03/09: They Took 30.00 from my checking account too..... called and they are closed on the weekend.. will call monday

03/09: drafted 30.00 from my checking account with a bogus check number

03/12: FastLoanFast, phone 775-200-1525, Do you have a Capitol One Card? Seems to be an unusual common thread amongst victims.

  03/12: Fastloanfast

  03/14: The same thing happened to me. They took $30 from my account and now I can't get anyone to answer the phone to question them about it.

  04/09: I have also been victimized. I never authorized fast loans fast or loans 4 u today to hit my bank account for $30.00 twice. That's right they took money from me in Feb. 2013 and about a week ago. I notified the FCC, and the States Attorney's office in NV. I was able to find out that they are located in Reno, NV. Hopefully one of them will do something about this fraud and get our money back. please send an email to Nevada Attorney GeneralCatherine Cortez Masto and the consmer affairs (FCC) to file a complaint if you have been a victim, the only way to fight back is to let the authorities know what this company has done. I have also thought about a class action suit, there are enough of us for that too. Another thought is to contact your local TV news for help, alerting them of the fraud.

  04/23: apparent scam artist they somehow got my account numbers and withdrew $30.00 from my account but did not have my correct address or phone. number.

  05/10: I have been hit 4 rtimes since August 2012- the last time by 24 hours ago. They have used 4 different memo names but the "CheckProcess number under the signature line was the same on 3 of the bogus generated checks. With the change of Debitor name on each check and change of name on the memo line it is difficult for the bank to create an alert and reject these transactions with any success. They have nor removed the CheckProcess 866-678-3482 from below the signature line, but have the 775-200-1525 in the memo on the last 3. File the FBI complaint online. It is the best way to get this in the system and let's all pray that they get what should truly come to them - AND I DO NOT MEAN OUR MONEY!!!

  06/24: i have been hit 3 times since April of 2013. all for the amount of 30.00 with bogus check numbers and information the two numbers they listed as contact were bogus numbers as well the first hit was from a checkprocess and the last two as recent as May 24th 2013 were from a place called my bank is currently working on getting my money back and i put a stop to all transactions of this sort

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